Clean Transportation
For your Dirty Karma

from 1.2mill/month

Made in Indonesia, for Indonesia*

This means you won’t get stuck in any hill, anywhere. Even with two people on the bike. 

Unlike other electric scooter brands rented out here, the Gesits bike is never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down

Zooming around through the jungle with no emissions or noise truly makes you feel connected to nature ✨ I almost feel like a bird soaring around like that with only the sound of the wind…
Pablo – Long-term hippie customer

Got range much?

We understand range-anxiety.
That’s why we provide you with two batteries you can easily charge at home or any restaurant.
In addition we got multiple locations where you can quickly change to a fully charged battery.

Each battery will get you 40-45km, depending on your driving style and conditions, and take 3.5h to charge.

Battery swap locations (more to come):

Wow, such range!

How we are different

Electric Karma is not just a rental, it’s initiative to electrify Bali’s Transportation. We are proud to say we measure our success not in our profits (or lack of it), but rather how much pollution we prevent. 


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Monthly estimated tailpipe emissions saved when you drive electric (1200km)

All the Technical Stuff

  • Actual range: 80-90km
  • Top Speed: 70km/h
  • Power output: 2000w (5000w peak) (6.7hp)
  • Torque: 30NM @ 0-2100 rpm
  • Charging time per Battery: 3.5h
  • Amazing headlights (very technical)
  • Outstanding brakes (double disk)


Super simple!
There is a charger coming with the scooter. It looks like a oversized laptop charger, fit’s in the storage of the bike, and connects to any normal wall socket.
The batteries are removable as well (8kg each) and you charge them at home or swap them out at one of our helpful partners.

However, we try to keep prices down by having minimum amount of staff. Delivery is therefore depending on location and staff availability. 

We appreciate it if you do a test drive at one of our test drives locations.
In Ubud you can even pick yours up for rental. In the south, Gede will deliver it too you.

It’s fun!
The Gesits performs different than a petrol scooter. 
0-45km/h is faster than a typical 125cc scooter, 45-70km a bit slower. 
When it comes to hills, it’s a bit slower than a 125cc, but it can pull more weight, faster, and will never give up in the hills even where petrol scooter do, or other electric brands.

If you are already in Bali, Gede or Kucher will take cash payment.

If you you want to make a reservation from abroad, we need a payment upfront to reserve the scooter for you. A bank/wise transfer to our bank account will secure your rental period.

We do not try to make a profit on scratches or accident and will charge you local prices for repairs, which are rather cheap.

Regarding your health:

Accidents in Indonesia can be tricky. And Electric Karma has no magic dust for this.

Be aware that foreigners driving a vehicle in Indonesia who are involved in an accident may be considered at fault, regardless of who is actually faulty of the incident.

All bikes registered have a liability (for the other) insurance for medical care , but not for you, nor the scooters itself. This is standard in Indonesia.
Foreign health insurance companies often do not cover scooter accidents, check with yours. Often people have to say they simply fell while walking to get coverage.

Electricity is quite cheap in Indonesia. Usually it’s included in your rent wherever you stay, but if you do pay for it yourself, expect to be paying about 1/3 of what you would for petrol.

Ow wait, no, that was before the price of Petramax went up with 30% on the 1st of April 2022.

The dirty mining industry to make electric vehicles is a very valid point and can and should definitely be improved!
However this kind of bashing of the mining for battery minerals seems to ignore the fact that petrol vehicles also required mining of minerals for its production and that these industries are also not saints and it seems in these kind of comparisons it’s dirty battery production vs air…
Remember also to bput the the dirty petrol industry into your equation with it’s devastating oil spills destroying ecosystems, the amount of deaths per Gigawatt produced in this industry, the deaths and illnesses caused by pollution in cities, the list goes on about how dirty the petrol industry is. So it’s inaccurate to think it’s not a net positive impacts. When comparing to the life time cycle of petrol vehicles the efficiency of electric ones are around 6 times less polluting than petrol motorbikes.

Another great sales point with electric, regardless of Life time efficiency is that it gives the opportunity to put the money back to the people. Anyone with a small capital can buy a solar panel and charge their own scooters it, removing their dependence on the petrol industry and basically paying themselves. Solar panels are currently paid back in Indonesia after about 4 years, leaving the remaining lifetime of the solar panel (new models have 25-30y life time expectancy, unlike old models that were not efficient enough or long lasting enough). After these 4 years the solar panel owner has not only free “refuelling” but can even sell their extra power generation to the grid at a good rate.

May we see a cleaner mining industry in the future.

We do not ask to see it, so it’s up to you. However to legally drive in Bali you are required to have an international driving license to drive our scooters in Bali. The fine for driving without is about 1mill. We can help you get a local drivers license.

If you want a ride that does not require a lisense we can recommend the stand-up scooters from Skutis Coperation in Canggu.


1 Day90k
1 week550k
1 month1.2mill

Approx. petrol savings: 300-600k/month

Test drive

Denpasar/Kuta – Sentrik

Other – Contact us

Other inquires

We do it simple. Therefore we have no fancy overcomplicated online booking system.
Write Gede on WhatsApp or Telegram.
Wa: +62 877 6135 8998
Tg: @ElectricKarma

If you have other inquiries then rental related questions, feel free to drop us an email using the form.
We check it once in a while…